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Wholesale / Business Enquiries

If you are interested in purchasing our plus size clothing for re-selling, we are made for your needs:


 We are able to offer you true Wholesale Rates.

 We have a low Minimum Order Quantity that is easily reached.

 We are able to ship worldwide at low shipping rates.

 Our products can be white labelled. We can help you put your clothing tags onto our products. Just ship your supplies to us! 

 Our business has been operating since 2010 because of our commitment to high quality products.

 We respond quickly, in 24 hours or lesser, to your inquiry.


Pluspreorder is here to stay and look forward to a long-term partnership with you!


If you are interested in our service, 

Email us: pluspreorder@gmail.com 


Fill in the contact form below:


We hope to hear from you soon!